LaughingQuoll makes the ‘Eleven’ series of jailbreak tweaks free in Cydia

If you had (or still have) a jailbroken iOS 10 device, then you may already be familiar with a particular collection of jailbreak tweaks by iOS developer LaughingQuoll that could make your handset look like it was running iOS 11.

The entire suite went by the collective name ‘Eleven,’ and while each tweak in the collection initially had its own individual price tag, that all changed Monday evening after LaughingQuoll announced a significant price slash via Twitter.

As it would seem, all of Eleven’s available components are now available as free downloads in the Cydia Store, whether they’ve been purchased previously or not.

Not all of Eleven’s original concepts materialized into tangible jailbreak tweaks, but some of the most significant ones did; those included ControlCenterXI, LockScreenXI, and NotificationCenterXI.

As the names suggest, these tweaks focused primarily on the Control Center, the Lock screen, and Notification Center interfaces. And for the most part, they did an adequate job of mocking the iOS 11 look and feel on jailbroken iOS 10 handsets.

Notably, this price drop doesn’t encompass jailbreak tweaks from other iOS developers that aren’t affiliated with the ‘Eleven’ suite, therefore paid jailbreak tweaks with related objectives that weren’t made by LaughingQuoll (such as ScreenShotXI) would still cost you some money out of pocket.

On the bright side, it has never been cheaper to achieve the iOS 11 aesthetic on your jailbroken iOS 10 device until today, so it may be worth looking into depending on your stance. Our full roundup concerning this topic discusses some of the best releases.

Do you use any of the jailbreak tweaks from the Eleven suite? Share in the comments section below.