New Music Videos section now available on Apple Music ahead of iOS 11.3 release

Apple Music on Thursday added a new section hosting music videos and playlists.

Of course, Apple Music has had music videos since its inception but they lacked their own section because there weren’t many available. The Music Videos section is now available to Apple Music subscribers within the Music app with dedicated video playlists.

Just tap Browse then choose Music Videos.

You’ll see Apple-featured videos and playlists in a rotating carousel up the top, followed by new music videos and playlists, special features like Spotlight on Taylor Swift, some genre-based playlists tailored to your personal tastes such as Pop, Rock, Essential ’80s and more.

You can subscribe to video playlists, which is especially handy on Apple TV because you can now both listen to the latest releases and watch their accompanying music videos.

This comes just as we’re expecting to see the iOS 11.3 software update drop following its release yesterday solely for the refreshed 9.7-inch iPad. The new section is live in both iOS 11.2.6 and the iOS 11.3 beta, as well as for Mac users with iTunes 12.7 or later installed.

Apple has added a few sections for Apple Music subscribers since the service launched. In February of last year, for example, a new TV & Movies section went live on Apple Music. Some people think that the company’s upcoming original videos and TV shows might be (at least initially) distributed to Apple Music subscribers through that section.