CoolStar seeds limited release of Electra RC1 to jailbreak developers

Electra quickly became one of the most streamlined tools for jailbreaking iOS 11.0-11.1.2, but it has been in its beta stages up to this point. CoolStar is now beginning to seed Electra RC1 to trusted jailbreak community developers for testing.

One of the most significant changes present in Electra RC1 is the inclusion of CoolStar’s patched Cydia, which has been one of the most highly-sought after features for the jailbreak since its inception in mid-January.

Citing a multitude of CoolStar’s Tweets this week, he appears to be making significant headway in getting everything to work correctly on iOS 11. A bevy of screenshots illustrate Cydia installing and uninstalling packages, viewing available tweaks from repositories, and more:

As it would seem, there are some minor issues concerning daemons that don’t yet work on iOS 11. Consequently, not all Cydia packages are working as expected. This has been one of the main reasons for limiting the initial RC1 release to developers and should give everyone ample time to prepare everything for the general public.

Electra beta 11-3 remains the latest version of Electra for the general public. This version doesn’t include the patched Cydia, but users can still install jailbreak tweaks manually and it can be downloaded from the official Electra web page.

Jailbreak developers that want access to Electra RC1 ahead of time are advised to contact CoolStar directly.

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