iOS 11.3 lets you sort App Store reviews

Aside from a bunch of known major new features coming to iPhone and iPad via iOS 11.3 this spring, we’re constantly discovering interesting tidbits that have gone largely unnoticed.

MacRumors, for instance, discovered Thursday that App Store on iOS 11.3 finally allows sorting of user-submitted reviews. The new sorting options are accessed through a new See All link in the Ratings & Reviews section on App Store.

You can sort the reviews by Most Helpful, Most Favorable, Most Critical or Most Recent.

MacRumors explains:

  • Most Helpful—Shows reviews that have received the most “Helpful” feedback from other users. You can designate a review as  “Helpful” or “Not Helpful” by deeply pressing the text bubble via 3D Touch.
  • Most Favorable—Shows reviews with the highest ratings, starting with five stars.
  • Most Critical—Shows reviews with the lowest ratings, starting with one star.
  • Most Recent—Shows reviews in reverse chronological order, with the most recently submitted reviews appearing first.

This is a much appreciated feature addition for those who have developed a recommended habit of checking out reviews of an app as part of making an informed purchasing decision.

What do you think of the new sorting options for iOS 11.3’s App Store.

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