Nomad launches wireless charging hub with four built-in USB ports

Popular accessory maker Nomad has launched a new USB hub with a built-in wireless charger.

We got to take an early look at the accessory during last week’s CES 2018. While there are trade-offs, we were overall impressed with Nomad’s new wireless charging hub.

Nomad, once known more for their premium leather products, has introduced many new charging accessories as of late. They have their healthy lineup of rugged cables, as well as a non-wireless version of their new hub.

Their new charging hub is quite powerful with 7.5W of wireless charging on top, two 1A USB ports, one 2.4A USB port and a 15W USB-C port all underneath.

The USB-C is handily capable of fast-charging your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus though you have to use Apple’s USB-C Lightning cable to accomplish that. That 7.5W of wireless charging is all you need if you’re rocking an iPhone. But if you have a Samsung or Android device and are looking for more, you’ll be out of luck.

I like that the status LED’s along the top are controlled by an ambient light sensor, turning orange while charging and white when they are finished. When the lights are off, they will automatically dim.

The build quality is pretty exceptionally, with it feeling sturdy and solid. It doesn’t much slip if you try to move it around, though it is on the big side.

If you take a look at any other wireless chargers, they are getting pretty compact. This goes the opposite way, coming in over an inch tall and quite wide. You have to take into consideration all the other tech that is baked inside (like the USB ports) that really contributes to the size.

We will be going more in depth with Nomad’s latest charging hub over the next few days.

If you’d like to pick one up, you can find it on Nomad’s website for $80. The price may be a bit high, but if you are looking to condense your chargers, I’m sure you can make the math work.

Let us know what you think of Nomad’s wireless hub down below in the comments.