Nanoleaf launches dodecahedron HomeKit controller and square lighting panels

Nanoleaf, the makers of one of my fav HomeKit lighting solutions, called Aurora, launched two new products at CES 2018: a dodecahedron-shaped HomeKit controller to set scenes or control your lights and a new lighting system using square tiles instead of triangles.

Unlike other HomeKit buttons, Nanoleaf’s twelve-sided remote can set a dozen different HomeKit scenes. Simply turn it on with the scene you’d like to set face up, and it’ll happen.

You can use this cool remote to control any number of HomeKit accessories in your home, but it’s going to be especially useful for Nanoleaf’s own lighting product lineup.

There are so many cool effects and colors to perform with the Aurora and their new lighting panels that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Normally, you’d use their app or remember all the names you used for the scene in HomeKit.

The remote simplifies it by being able to have up to a dozen different lighting effects already chosen and you can rotate it to activate them at will.

The yet-to-be-named panels will be offering a few upgrades from the original triangle ones.

For starters, each panel will have a touch-sensitive surface that you can use to turn them on or off, dim or brighten them or change to another color by tapping and sliding your fingers.

The base station required for the lighting panels will feature a dedicated motion sensor and a microphone that could alter the lights as you pass by.

Lastly, they’ve significantly increased the number of panels you can connect together, going from 30 to 1,000. Of course, for each 60 panels you’re going to need an additional “power booster” that’ll help “maintain optimal brightness.”

The new square panels are expected to launch sometime in 2018.

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