Moment finally starts shipping updated photography cases for iPhone X

Popular mobile lens manufacturer Moment is finally shipping their updated Photo Case for the iPhone X.

The recently updated Moment lenses utilize a new mounting mechanism that relies on a specialty case instead of a mounting plate that needs to be installed on your phone. There are plenty of pros and cons with this that we covered in our review of the V2 Moment Lens last year. Notably, it allows you to use the lenses on both the wide angle lens, and the tele lens. If you use Moment’s Tele Lens on the iPhone’s tele lens, that actually gives you 4x optical zoom.

The cases themselves are quite nice, and are available in two different variants. One with inlaid wood, the other with a black canvas. I’ve used them for a while, and honestly, they are so nice I’d recommend them even if you don’t have any of the Moment lenses.

The body is nicely rubberized for protection, as well for added grip. The bottom has a handy eyelet for attaching a wristlet; perfect for taking photos in precarious places.

Considering the quality, the cases are also reasonably priced too. The wood or canvas case are both available for only $29.99. Moment needed to extensively test their lenses on the iPhone X when it launched, meaning it took a bit before the cases were finally available. That, coupled with an unfortunate December delay, resulted in the cases taking a bit longer than expected to start shipping.

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In other Moment news, they’ve recently launched a trade-in program. Turn in your first generation Moment lenses, and get a $25 credit towards the purchase of a new one. Well worth it if you’d like to take advantage of them on your new phone.

Stay tuned for an updated hands-on video of Moment’s new cases soon. Let us know what you think of the designs, or Moment’s lenses, down below in the comments.