How to apply live filters to your camera with one simple swipe

Once in a while you pick up something new about your iPhone by complete accident, which subsequently makes you wonder what other untapped secrets are waiting to be discovered under your screen’s shiny surface.

Mind you some might think of the following trick as minute, simply because it is in certain respects. By the same token, it will also be relevant enough for others – especially those of you using larger iPhones – to explicitly call attention to it. And if Apple does not want to talk about some of their nifty hidden shortcuts, we’ll happily do their bidding!

Here is how to apply filters to your camera as you go, without having to readjust your grip and scramble to reach the top right filter icon in your camera view first.

How to apply filters to your camera with one simple swipe

1) Open your iPhone’s Camera app.

2) As you are zeroing in on the subject, flick your thumb upwards anywhere on the live camera screen. This is not tricky by a long shot, however make sure to do it in one quick motion as opposed to resting your finger on the screen first and then swiping up. The latter can accidentally trigger the focus auto lock function or cause unwanted exposure changes instead.

3) On the filter selection you just pulled up, select your favorite view by swiping left or right to activate and superimpose the filter on your camera.

4) After you have made your choice, the filter bar can be discarded in the same fashion it was invoked: this time simply swipe down on your camera screen! Done.

That’s it, you’re now taking photos that have a little more oomph to them and – best of all – without having to dislocate your thumb or get your other hand to hit the filters button in the top right corner of the screen.¬†Again, this little gem is not a complete revelation, however it might get you to play around with live filters again, which has to be worth something!

Give it a go, tell your friends about it and let us know in the comments whether or not you were familiar with this gesture before!