Amazon buys crowd-funded home security camera maker Blink for undisclosed terms

The online retail giant Amazon has now acquired Blink for an undisclosed sum.

Blink is a crowd-funded startup which builds indoor cameras, video doorbells and other home security accessories for the connected home.

They announced the deal with Amazon on Friday via a blog post.

If you own one of our systems, nothing changes for now. We’ll continue to operate under the Amazon umbrella selling and supporting the same great products you know and love. It’s Day 1 for us at Amazon, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can deliver to our customers together.

Blink accessories work with the popular automation service IFTTT and currently have limited support for Amazon Alexa. Their least expensive interior security camera is priced at $99, with an additional $9.99 per month to monitor the video feeds over 4G cellular (Wi-Fi video is free).

Here’s Blink’s video doorbell (coming soon) in action.

Blink launched in early 2016 after fulfilling a $1 million crowd-funding campaign for its inaugural home security camera. Their products currently do not offer integration with Apple’s HomeKit framework for connect home accessories.

Now that Blink is being acquired by Amazon, which competes with Apple on multiple fronts, HomeKit integration is unlikely to be added to Blink’s home security cameras.