Amazon’s Prime Video app breaks Apple TV record for first-week downloads

Amazon’s Prime Video app, which hit tvOS App Store on December 6, was reportedly the most downloaded of any Apple TV app ever during its first seven days.

Apple has officially confirmed the supposed new record through a statement provided Monday to by Amazon although details are somewhat sketchy.

“Prime Video has been a hit with Apple TV customers around the world—it had the most first-week downloads of any app in the history of tvOS,” reads the confirmation from Apple.

It’s unclear how many times it was downloaded leading it to break the tvOS App Store record or if Apple has actually provided record-breaking comparison numbers to Amazon.

“As the app’s developer, Amazon is aware on a daily basis of its download count via Apple’s Enterprise Partner Feed database, but it did not provide specific numbers nor has Apple through a statement of its own at the time this story was filed,” reads the report.

The achievement is not that much surprising.

Prime Video was perhaps the longest streaming holdout in tvOS App Store so there was considerable pent-up demand from those looking to enjoy their Prime entertainment through Apple’s set-top box. Besides, the app launched in more than a hundred countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Prime Video is, of course, extremely popular as a rival to Netflix and HBO NOW. Apple gave Amazon a little help pushing the app to Apple TV customers by promoting Prime Video for tvOS with paid tweets, via tvOS’s splash screen, through the rebranded @AppleTV account, in tvOS App Store and on its TV app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

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Prime Video is compatible with the third, fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV.

The app currently does not support 5.1 surround sound and the superior Dolby Vision standard for high dynamic range (HDR) video. Prime Video brings the number of TV episodes and movies that Siri can search on Apple TV to 1.3 million.

Amazon Prime Video for iOS and tvOS is a free download from App Store.

To install the app on your Apple TV, search for “Amazon Prime Video” in tvOS App Store.