Let’s Talk iOS 216: A random thing to talk about

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Oh boy, was that a bad week for Apple. Last time it was so bad, Scott Forstall was still working for the company. Like with most bad stories, there is a silver lining, albeit very minor. On a more positive note, HQ is fun (add “senastienpage” as your referral code in the app – yes, it’s totally misspelled!), wireless charging is awesome, and maybe you can help Cody find the right app to wake up in the morning.

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Show Notes

Apple’s bad week: the timeline

Have you played the trivia game?

Wireless charging/iPhone X update

Looking for an app that plays alarm to Bluetooth source

Other potential titles that didn’t make the cut

  • Bad pocket pants
  • Why don’t you quit doing that?
  • Like birds in the tree
  • Way too harsh, man
  • The odd couple

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