Google app picks up multilingual voice search

Google today updated its search app for iPhone and iPad with multilingual voice search.

Before you can start using this feature, update your installed copy of the Google app to version 40.0 or later. Now open the app’s settings interface, tap Voice Search and then hit Language → Add Languages to add as many supported languages as you like.

Now when you tap the microphone icon within the app, or use the “OK Google” hotword to start a voice search, you can ask your question in any selected language and Google will automatically respond in the correct language.

Pretty neat, no?

The search giant also updated the Photos app today with support for drag and drop on iPad and a brand new iMessage extension for easy media sharing through Apple’s Messages app.

Yesterday, the Google Maps app gained support for the native iPhone X display resolution. Before that, the company added drag and drop and iPhone X support to its Docs, Sheets and Slides apps while issuing a compatibility update for the YouTube app fixing battery issues.

The Google app is available at no charge from App Store.