Maize officially released, brings iOS 11-inspired Control Center to jailbroken iOS 10 devices

Anyone wanting to make their jailbroken iOS 10 device look and feel more like an iOS 11 device shouldn’t leave the Creatix Dev Team’s Maize out of their collection. It’s the most in-depth port of the iOS 11 Control Center experience that we’ve witnessed to date.

We went in-depth with the newfangled jailbreak tweak just a few days ago, but we were toying with a pre-release at the time. Fortunately, the wait is now over, and you can officially download the tweak from Cydia starting today.

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Behind its 30,000+ lines of code exist a plethora of sophisticated algorithms that permit the tweak to mimic iOS 11’s unique Control Center aesthetics, behavior, and functions.

Not only does Maize look great, but it works just like the real thing. You can customize the layout of the shortcuts and toggles in Control Center by hiding/showing certain ones and rearranging them to your heart’s content.

You can even use tap-and-hold gestures on individual Control Center toggles to invoke full-screen widgets that give you fine-grained control over your device:

With built-in support for hallmark tweaks like Flipswitch and Polus, Maize also endows its users with near-infinite shortcut expansion possibilities, so if you don’t see something you need out of the box, then there’s a good chance you can download a simple Flipswitch and start using it with Maize.

We think it’s an understatement to say that Maize is a step up from ControlCenterXI, but the same developer that created ControlCenterXI helped develop Maize. That said, you can download Maize at half price from Cydia if you purchased ControlCenterXI previously.

If you want to give Maize a try on your jailbroken device, then you can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $3.00; ControlCenterXI owners can pay just $1.50 to upgrade to the newer tweak.

Given all the tweaks that can port iOS 11-esque features to jailbroken iOS 10 devices, this niche seems to be popular among those who want all the latest features without updating and losing their jailbreak. That said, anyone looking to make their jailbroken iOS 10 device more iOS 11-like should consider adding Maize to their tweak arsenal.

Will you be downloading Maize? Let us know in the comments section below.