Twitterrific for Mac gains mini browser for tweets, URL scheme, auto-poll detection & more

The Iconfactory on Tuesday refreshed Twitterrific for Mac with a bunch of new features.

What’s new in Twitterrific 5.2 for Mac?

The app now comes with a new mini-browser for viewing pieces of content that are normally unavailable through third-party Twitter clients, such as polls. You can open a tweet in the app’s new mini browser by pressing Command (⌘)-O on the keyboard or from the Action menu.

With the new automatic poll detection feature, Twitterrific will show a new button at the bottom of a tweet with an embedded poll. This works best if you tap a tweet with #poll or use a graph or ballot box Emoji at beginning or end.

To keep tabs on results, simply detach the poll popover.

Twitterrific 5.2 now lets you search for Twitter users through the People selector on the Search view, or simply press the Command (⌘)-U shortcut on the keyboard.

To view the user profile, click their name in search results. Speaking of which, user profiles now includes an Action menu with options to send them tweets or message them.

Lastly, Twitterrific now supports app automation using URL schemes, with full documentation and sample code available on the support website.

Twitterrific 5.2 changelog

Here’s the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes in Twitterrific 5.2:

New features

  • New mini-browser for viewing tweets:
    • Use Action ⋯ menu or Cmd-O to open any tweet
    • Hold down option to open in your desktop browser
    • Great for viewing content not available from Twitter API (like polls!)
  • Automatic poll detection:
    • New button appears at bottom of tweet if common markers are found
    • Tag a tweet with #poll or use a graph or ballot box Emoji at beginning or end
    • Detach poll popover to keep tabs on results
  • Added search for users on Twitter:
    • Use People selector on Search view
    • The Cmd-U keyboard shortcut provides quick access
    • Type a name, then click on a result to view the User Profile
  • App automation using a URL Scheme:
    • Communicate with Twitterrific from another app or scriptFull documentation and sample code available on our support site
    • See:
    • Fun fact: some of our new features were created using this automation!
  • User Profile now has a Action ⋯ menu to send tweets and messages


  • Enabled the Tab key to move from the search field to the list of saved searches
  • Improved timeline scrolling performance
  • Text input in Japanese, Chinese & Korean works better with autocompletion for screen names and hashtags
  • Searches and Lists are now saved when closed and restored when reopened
  • Simplified Action ⋯ menu by removing items that are not applicable
  • Links in tweets now show a tooltip for the expanded URL (instead of
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Jump to Marker, Jump to Last Unread, and Mark Timeline As Read
  • Replies in discussion timelines are now sorted with most popular at top
  • Tweets that appear to be at the start of a thread get a button to open the Discussion view

Bug fixes

  • Copying a link from within a tweet using the right-click menu now copies the expanded URL rather than the link
  • Sharing a link from within a tweet using the right-click menu now sends the correct URL instead of truncated display text
  • Sharing a tweet from the Action ⋯ menu only sends the URL of the tweet to the share service
  • Fixed a bug where opening the first link in a tweet with the menu shortcut or the right arrow key wouldn’t work correctly for retweets
  • Fixed a crash on macOS 10.11 when opening a direct message thread
  • Fixed ssome sspelling problemss in menu itemss
  • Fixed a problem with replies not being displayed correctly after you followed someone
  • Fixed a bug causing the target tweet to disappear when viewing replies
  • Fixed an issue displaying names that included unusual characters
  • Fixed several issues preventing reading positions from restoring properly
  • Fixed Back keyboard shortcut (Cmd-B) when viewing User Profile

Twitterrific for Mac was recently updated with features like management for muffles and mutes while its iOS counterpart picked up enhancements such as muffling, smoother scrolling, new app icons, support for iOS 11’s Smart Invert mode and so forth.

Today’s update is free to existing users of the app.

Twitterrific for macOS is $20 in Mac App Store.