Twitterrific 5 for Mac gains management for muffles and mutes & other new features

The popular third-party Twitter client, Twitterrific, today added a host of new features following its recent Mac App Store relaunch, including two most popular feature requests: management for muffles and mutes, plus a setting for keeping timelines scrolled to the top.

Managing muffles & mutes

To quickly add usernames, keywords, phrases, hashtags and even whole domains to your list of items to be muffled in the timeline, choose Muffle Tweet from the three-dotted action menu, then select an item from the list to instantly minimize matching tweets.

“Muffles stay out of the way and let you avoid spoilers or discussions about people or topics,” developers note. You can also click on a muffled tweet to peek at it (it re-collapses automatically when you scroll away).

If you’ve ever wanted to muffle a word or phrase in the tweet, now you can—simply select that text in the body of the tweet before muffling and Twitterrific will present it as an option.

You can now manage your muffles or convert them into full mutes from the Muffles panel in preferences, and even muffle tweets by client if you’d like to prevent posts from specific Twitter apps from appearing in your timeline.

Remember to enable iCloud Drive on your Mac for muffles to sync across devices.

Tidbits: automatic scrolling & more

When “Keep timeline pinned to top” is enabled in preferences, new tweets will automatically scroll into view when you’re at the very top of your timeline. To pause this automatic scrolling behavior, simply scroll the timeline away from the top tweet temporarily.

Auto scrolling resumes as soon as you return to the top.

Other tidbits in Twitterrific 5.1 include status indicators on the Dock and menu bar icons for new mentions and direct messages, marking a direct message as read or delete by right-clicking, lighter display fonts (System Light and Avenir Light) and more.

Twitterrific 5.1 changelog

Here’s everything new, fixed and improved in Twitterrific 5.1 for macOS:


Muffle and Mutes:

  • Select a tweet then “Muffle Tweet” in the ⋯ Action menu to create one
  • Any selected text in the tweet appears as a choice in the menu
  • Twitter clients can be muffled by selecting the “via” item in the menu
  • Use the Muffles panel in Preferences to manage your muffle and mutes
  • Changes are automatically synced between macOS and iOS

Automatic scrolling:

  • In General preferences, select “Keep timeline pinned to top”
  • Scroll a timeline to the newest tweet at the top
  • Any new tweets will then automatically scroll into view

Status indicators for new mentions or messages:

  • A dot is displayed in the menu bar icon
  • A badge is displayed on the Dock icon
  • System Preferences > Notifications can be used to turn off Dock badge

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  • Help > Show Release Notes para ayuda


  • Right-click on Direct Message thread to mark as read or delete
  • Optimized timeline scrolling and update performance
  • Selected text in a tweet will no longer be deselected after the timeline refreshes
  • Improved image caching for better display performance and memory usage
  • Added a new, smaller text size setting called “Miniature”
  • Added new, lighter display fonts: “System Light” and “Avenir Light”
  • Lovers of the best text editor rejoice: HJKL keys navigate timeline
  • Media viewer saves with unique image names (like screen shots)
  • Use Option-1 to 9 for switching account of the selected Timeline
  • Hover over timestamp for a tooltip showing the app used to post
  • Updated several icons throughout the app for greater clarity
  • The text entry for long direct messages will now scroll as needed
  • The ⋯ Action menu displays keyboard shortcuts for reference
  • Added more common functions to the tweet’s ⋯ Action menu
  • Relative timestamps on tweets now update continuously
  • Added “Jump To Marker” and “Jump To Last Unread” to the Timeline menu

Bug fixes

  • Changing appearance settings now updates the message threads correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause tweets to flicker
  • The thread indicator on the tweet no longer disappears when you retweet
  • Fixed issues preventing the timeline from updating immediately when muffle rules were added or removed
  • Links to Vimeo are now directed to the browser instead of a static image in the media viewer

Today’s update is free to existing users of the app.

Twitterrific for macOS is $12 in Mac App Store.