How to center-align your profile bio in Instagram

Instagram users can add a short bio to their profile to tell the world a little bit about them, but all text put into the bio text field gets left-aligned in the Instagram app by default.

If you’re like many others frantically attempting to find a way to center your Instagram Bio, then we have you covered. We’ll show you how you can do it in this tutorial.

How to center your bio in the Instagram app

To center your bio in the Instagram app, merely follow these steps:

1) Launch Instagram from your Home screen and tap on the Profile tab.

2) Tap on the Edit Profile button.

3) Tap inside the Bio text field to expose your keyboard and enter text-editing mode.

4) Copy all the spaces contained within the brackets below (excluding the brackets themselves):


5) Begin pasting the spaces you just copied in front of every line of text in your bio, like so:

6) By now, the text starts to look organized in the editor:

…but the moment you go to your profile, it’ll look like a disaster:

This result is expected; you are now learning how the spaces influence the text’s indentation in your bio.

7) Now you must add or remove additional spaces as necessary. The spacing adjustment needed varies from person to person, depending on the text you’ve put as your bio:

Note: Although the spacing might look wonky in the bio’s text field, try your best not to let your O.C.D. get to you. It’s what appears on your profile that counts.

8) When you’re satisfied with your spacing, tap on the Done button to save your updated bio.

If you added adequate spacing before each line, then your Instagram profile should display a centered bio, like so:

If you think it needs adjustment, just go back in and play with the spacing in your bio some more; it comes down to trial and error.

That’s all there is to it!

And that’s all folks…

Centering your bio is solely a cosmetic effect that can make your Instagram profile seem spiffier, but it’s entirely optional to do so. While it can be tricky to get the spacing just right, it only takes about 5 minutes of your time to get the result you see above.

Notably, the effect may or may not look good across all of your devices because of the way Instagram formats their app for different screen sizes. Unfortunately, it is what it is, but you can still enjoy the centered Bio on your own device after taking these steps.

This method works with the latest version of Instagram as of this writing, which happens to be version 21.0. Instagram has yet to patch this workaround for several years, so it should continue working for a long time to come.

Pro tip: you can use the same spaces used in this tutorial to indent text in any posts that you make, and you can even add line breaks by following this tutorial instead.

Did everything work as planned for you? Let us know in the comments section below!