Amazon updates iOS app with augmented reality shopping experience

Amazon today updated its mobile app for iPhone and iPad with a brand new augmented reality shopping experience, powered by Apple’s new ARKit framework in iOS 11.

Begin by tapping the camera in the Amazon app, then tap AR View to see how products such as furniture, speakers and coffeemakers fit in your room before you buy them. In the product selection screen that appears, swipe through a top menu to choose from various categories.

This feature is limited to customers in the United States.

Like IKEA’s implementation, your chosen product is overlaid onto your existing living space.

You can move and rotate virtual products in a live camera view to make sure it fits your style and aesthetic. Customers can select from thousands of items, from living room, bedroom, kitchen and home office products to electronics, toys and games, home décor and more.

Amazon’s augmented reality offering requires an iPhone 6s or newer or one of the iPad Pro models powered by iOS 11. The refreshed app was announced on Wednesday alongside Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Store launch.

Amazon’s iOS app is available free in App Store.