New Apple how-to videos walk you through iPhone 8 Plus’s Portrait Lighting mode

Apple on Tuesday shared a pair of mini video tutorials on its official YouTube channel, covering an all-new Portrait Lighting shooting mode on iPhone 8 Plus.

Taking advantage of the power of the A11 Bionic chip and the dual-lens camera on iPhone 8 Plus, Portrait Lighting mode (currently in beta) simulates professional studio lighting effects in real time.

With Portrait Lighting, iPhone 8 Plus owners can easily add artistic studio lighting effects to their portraits, as well as choose between different lighting effects.

Check out Apple’s new videos embedded below.

This feature also uses facial detection and depth maps to capture portraits with striking shadows, spotlight effects and more. The stock Camera app includes five distinct Portrait Lighting effects:

  • Studio Light—brightens facial features
  • Contour Light—creates a more dramatic directional lighting
  • Stage Light—isolates your subject in the spotlight
  • Stage Mono—creates a stage light in a classic black and white

Portrait Lighting is not supported by iPhone 7 Plus.

TUTORIAL: How to remove the depth effect from Portrait mode photos on your iPhone

If you take a photo in Portrait or Portrait Lighting mode, you can remove the blurred effect after the fact. Simply launch the Photos app and tap the photo you’d like to change, then hit Edit and tap Portrait at the top of the screen to toggle the effect on or off.