Twelve South CableSnaps tame unruly cables [video]

Everyone has a rats nest of cables. It’s a problem. I know I have a whole drawer full of tangled cords. Even my go-bag has quite a bit of a problem. I wrap certain cords certain ways, which helps, but there has to be a better way. There are tons of cables ties and wraps online, but if you are one who likes their Apple products, you may be happy with a slightly nicer cable tie.

Enter CableSnap from Twelve South. Made out of the same high quality leather used in their gorgeous Relaxed Leather cases, these have custom, sturdy snaps built in that feature the Twelve South logo. They come in three different colors; black, brown, and dark red. As Twelve South calls them, black, cognac, and marsala.

Each pack comes with three CableSnaps. There is a large one and two smaller versions. The large one is perfect for power cables, and the smaller ones are great for Lightning cables or EarPods.

To use the cable, there are two slits in one end of the leather piece. You can feed the end of the cable through this cut, which helps keep the wrap attached to the cord so that way, when you undo the snap, the CableSnap stays with you. The last thing you want to do is lose one of these.

Then you simply wrap your cable into a loop, squeeze the center, and snap the wrap around the cord. Very easy. The snap is also very strong, so it definitely will hold up. I almost worried that it was too strong, but it does start to break in over time.

I do really like all of the colors of that are available. I think the black is maybe a little too black for me? It’s almost hard to find when it is in the bottom of my bag, especially if I happen to have a black Lightning or USB cable wrapped in it. Brown is probably the most neutral, and what I would go with if I was picking up another set.

I think the large CableSnap is perfect if you have a new MacBook Pro. The adapter that they ship with now no longer has the wings that fold out to help manage your cable. You are left to your own means to prevent the cable from getting tangled or damaged. It fits perfectly when wrapped in the large CableSnap.

These also help the longevity of your cords too. If they don’t get tangled and pulled on, they theoretically should last longer than cables that do.

CableSnaps are great for your Mac’s power cord, headphones, Lightning cables, USB cables, audio cables, etc. If you have happen to have any of those, and want to give a little class, you can find a three-pack of the Twelve South CableSnaps for over on Amazon.