Spice up your Lock screen’s passcode capabilities with Callisto Pro

Whether you’re using Touch ID or a passcode to secure your device, a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Callisto Pro (iOS 10) by iOS developer ijapija00 provides a host of new features for customizing the passcode-entry experience.

It’s jam-packed with both aesthetic and functional features, letting you not only customize the way your passcode keypad looks and feels, but also the way it keeps your device protected.

After installation, the tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure it to your liking:

Here, the options are split into three main sections: 1) Callisto Pro Options; 2) Callisto Time Passcode; 3) Callisto Lockscreen Options. We’ll outline all of these sections for you below so you know what to expect:

Callisto Pro Options

From the Callisto Pro Options preferences pane, you’ll find the following options:

  • Disable passcode when connected to certain Wi-Fi networks
  • Easily add your currently-connected Wi-Fi network
  • Disable passcode when certain Bluetooth devices are connected
  • Easily add your currently-connected Bluetooth devices
  • Disable passcode when Now Playing is actively playing media
  • Whitelist media-playing apps that you want Callisto to take into account
  • Configure a custom Touch ID delay – the amount of time (in seconds) your finger must be in contact with your Home button for the device to unlock

Callisto Time Passcode

From the Callisto Time Passcode preferences pane, you can configure these options:

  • Customize your time-based passcode – lets you use the current time as the passcode
    • Reverse your passcode
    • Allow true passcode to unlock the device as well as the time
    • Choose a time offset (such as 3 minutes before the true time)
    • Configure “Magic Digits”
      • Defaults to “00,” but can be configured otherwise
      • If time is 09:41, then your passcode would be 094100 unless configured differently
    • Track when your device was unlocked last and display it where the ‘press home to unlock’ text normally appears
    • Display the AM/PM time
    • Choose the display style of the last-unlocked text

Callisto Lockscreen Options

From the Callisto Lockscreen Options preferences pane, you can configure these options:

  • Choose a custom text string to replace the ‘Touch ID or Enter Passcode’ string that normally appears on the passcode keypad screen
  • Enable custom passcode keypad button styling
  • Enable haptic feedback when tapping passcode keypad buttons
  • Choose styling for passcode keypad buttons
    • iOS 10 style and iOS 11 style available
  • Choose a custom tint color for the passcode keypad buttons
  • Configure a custom background darkening effect for the background behind the passcode keypad buttons
  • Generate more robust 3D effect darkening for the iOS 11-styled passcode keypad buttons
  • Boost the glow effect from passcode keypad buttons when they’re tapped

Although that wraps things up for the Callisto Pro (iOS 10) settings, you’ll get to know just how much the tweak really shines once you’ve put together the perfect stew of configuration for your personal use.

With it, you can make your Lock screen‘s passcode keypad look more or less like iOS 11 all while having options for increasing your device’s security and making it easier to access your device in certain scenarios.

Callisto Pro (iOS 10) won’t be for everybody, as some people like to keep their devices as secure as Fort Knox no matter the scenario, but if you don’t mind being open-minded with the way you sign into your iOS device, then it could be a fun new tweak worth trying out.

If you want to grab Callisto Pro (iOS 10), you can download it for $2.49 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak is intended for jailbroken iOS 10 devices only.

Will you be using Callisto Pro (iOS 10) to customize your passcode entry experience? Share why or why not in the comments section below.