Can Facebook win over the Snapchat audience with purported teen-centric Talk app?

Facebook has been adding Snapchat-like features to its mobile apps over the last several months, but new reports now point towards yet another app that could help make Facebook the go-to service for teenage users.

Citing Engadget, comment tags in the code within the Facebook app seemingly illustrate the development of a new app dubbed Talk that will have a number of features perfect for pre-teens, such as parental controls, creative tools, fun masks for photos, and games among other things, and may have what it takes to poach more Snapchat users.

Facebook already owns some of the most popular communication services available for mobile devices, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, in addition to the bevy of Facebook-branded apps. Despite the large toolbox of apps, Facebook is still having difficulties completing with Snapchat’s already-established and large user base.

Whether or not younger folk will take kindly to the parental controls in Talk, which appear to be capable of preventing contact with certain individuals, remains to be seen. On the other hand, the additional features appear to be accessible with or without a Facebook account and could pave the way for the company to compete directly with Snapchat.

While there’s currently no evidence that Facebook intends to release such an app apart from the circumstantial evidence appearing in the mobile app’s code, the idea is enough to raise some eyebrows.

With the information at hand, one can only speculate, but it seems most likely that Snapchat users will want to stick with the app they’ve stayed loyal to all this time. Facebook would need to offer some kind of highly-original feature to attract their designated audience if they’re to be successful.

So far, all attempts by the press to reach out to Facebook about Talk have went unanswered; Facebook is refusing to comment about whether or not they’re taking on such a project, which in and of itself seems fishy.

If Facebook released such an app, would you consider using it instead of Snapchat? Share in the comments below.