How to see how much storage space is available on your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch comes with eight gigabytes of on-board flash memory, but you don’t get to keep the whole storage to yourself because the operating system, Apple’s apps, caches and other supporting files all decrease the amount of free space available to the user.

Like with other Apple devices, your Apple Watch lets you check out how much storage space it shipped with, how much of that space is currently available to you and how much space each of the installed apps is taking up on the device.

This tutorial will teach you to check out the amount of storage space your Apple Watch has, the amount of free space available to you and storage usage on a per-app basis.

How to see how much storage is available on Apple Watch

You can see the free vs. used breakdown of your Apple Watch storage in the companion app on your paired iPhone or directly on the watch itself.

Via paired iPhone

1) Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

2) Tap the My Watch tab at the bottom.

3) Navigate to General → About.

The amount of available storage space is displayed next to “Available”.

Total storage capacity (minus the system partition) is shown next to “Capacity”.

Because your Apple Watch requires a dedicated partition for the watchOS operating system, and due to the differences between binary and decimal measurements, the capacity shown there will be less than the amount of flash storage your watch actually is outfitted with.

On Apple Watch itself

1) Press the Digital Crown button to get to your Home screen, then tap Settings. You can also press and hold the Digital Crown to invoke Siri, then say out aloud “Open Settings”.

2) Tap General in the Settings app.

3) Tap About.

There, you can see the device’s capacity and available storage space, along with the number of songs, photos and apps on this watch, the device’s name (you can rename your Apple Watch quite easily), watchOS version, model/serial number, legal notices and more.

My Apple Watch Series 2 has eight gigabytes of storage, of which 5.8 gigabytes are available to me and the rest is reserved for watchOS, system apps, temporary files and other items.

As I already have some apps and music on my watch, the amount of free space I’m left with is about 4.7 gigabytes. You’ll definitely come to appreciate how much smaller Apple Watch apps are when compared to their iPhone counterparts.

How to check storage used by apps on your Apple Watch

For a more detailed breakdown of the used vs. available storage space, including the amount of storage space used by each of your apps and their respective data, do this:

1) Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

2) Tap the My Watch tab at the bottom.

3) Tap General.

4) Tap Usage at the bottom of the screen.

The amount of available and used space is displayed at the top of the screen.

The amount of space used by each installed app on the device is shown further below the Storage header. You may need to wait a few minutes until watchOS gathers information about the apps installed on your paired Apple Watch.

Unlike with iOS, you cannot delete apps from this section.

To uninstall apps, tap the My Watch tab, tap an app in the list (you may need to scroll down), then slide the button Show App on Apple Watch to the OFF position. For Apple Watch only apps, select the app, tap Delete app on Apple Watch, and confirm by tapping Delete.

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