How to change default notification sound in Viber for iPhone

change viber notification sound

Popular messaging app Viber for iPhone now permits you to adjust notification sounds for new message alerts. You can change Viber’s default alert sound for all chats and even choose different notification sounds for each of your existing chats.

The ability to choose your own notification sounds on a per-chat basis makes it easy to distinguish between notifications for new messages from, say, your co-worker and girlfriend without even looking at your phone.

Here’s how you can change Viber’s default notification sound with a few taps.

Before we get to it, please update your copy of Viber for iOS to version 6.8.8 or later via App Store because adjusting alert sounds does not work on older Viber editions. At the time of this writing, this feature was unsupported in Viber Desktop for Mac.

How to change Viber’s default notification sound

Viber lets you override its default notification sound. To replace Viber’s default notification sound with the audible alerts listed in Settings → Sounds, do the following:

1) Launch Viber on your iOS device and tap the More tab at the app’s bottom.

2) Navigate to Settings → Notifications → Notifications Sounds.

3) Choose one of the available Alert Tones or Classic notification sounds.

default viber notification sound

All notifications for incoming messages will now use the selected sound.

How to change notification sound for individual chats

To adjust notification sounds for specific chats, do the following:

1) Launch Viber on your iOS device and tap a chat in the conversation list

2) Tap the recipient’s name at the top and select Chat Info & Settings from the menu.

3) Tap the Notification Sounds option on the next screen, then select a new sound from the list.

viber notification sound chats

Viber will now use the selected sound for notification for incoming messages from that person.

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