Pagico 8.7 helps you make better plans and actually stick to them [sponsored]

If you haven’t heard about Pagico before, it’s a productivity app that allows individuals and team members to easily manage all their tasks, files and notes across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and Android devices.

With Pagico, you can organize everything related to your projects in one place, stay informed with handy flowcharts, access data anywhere, manage your day, visualize workloads, cross-link everything, organize stuff into collections, collaborate and much more.

Now bumped to version 8.7, the app sports some interesting new features designed to help you be more productive and stay on track with support for sub-containers, enhanced container duplication features, smart filters, teammate filters, improved email handling and printing, plus a lot more.

But first, here’s a quick video walkthrough of Pagico 8.7.

To simplify managing large projects with lots of sub-projects, Pagico 8.7 supports sub-containers.

With sub-containers, you can finally add sub-projects or links to contacts right inside any project or contact. Because the timeline is integrated, you get to see your full workload from the master project’s timeline.

The container duplication process can now be invoked via a new shortcut in the contextual menu. And when duplicating a container, you can now choose to clone linked containers and perform bespoke data adjustments—which should be helpful when creating project templates and making copies of the entire structure.

Speaking of containers, tapping a container item from search results will now bring up a preview panel to show details instead of going to the container directly. As a bonus, inline links to containers now come with rich previews that show you key information about the target.

The filtering system available inside containers is more flexible than before with new options for sorting items by date (due date, upcoming, overdue, someday or undated), status (checked or unchecked) or your tags (you can mix these filtering options).

Pagico 8.7 includes a Mac-specific feature that lets you copy an item’s link, which basically creates local links to any object in your database. You can insert this link anywhere you want and clicking it will bring up the linked object right away.

Another Mac-specific enhancement in this edition of Pagico: an all-new rendering engine for silky smooth visuals on macOS Yosemite 10.10 or later. By the way, owners of earlier Mac systems that run macOS Yosemite or older should download a special edition of Pagico that’s optimized for these computers.

Windows-specific improvements in Pagico 8.7 include the ability to drop emails from Microsoft Outlook onto the Pagico window, plus some additional features available when you invoke the Print dialog.

Rounding up the list of new features in Pagico 8.7, the app includes support for the Russian language.

Last but not least, developers have included some nice-to-haves for team members and administrators, such as filtering content based on teammates and the ability for workspace owners to easily take ownership of containers created on other devices.

All told, Pagico 8.7 packs more than a dozen new features and over 50 improvements to make your experience more flexible, powerful and user-friendly.

To learn more about this app, visit the official Pagico website.

Pagico for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available free on App Store. The iOS client requires iOS 9.0 or later while the desktop app requires an Intel-based Mac with macOS Mavericks or later.

Existing users can upgrade to Pagico 8.7 for $25. For new users, Pagico is $50. A free trial of the app is available via the official Pagico website. Team leaders and members should check out Pagico for Teams.

Pagico is running a limited-time offer where everyone can get $10 off, making the upgrade price only $15, and new licenses only $40. Get it now as it won’t last long!

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