New iPhone 8 schematic hints at wireless charging, vertically stacked cameras & no rear Touch ID

Multiple sources, including KK Leaks, OnLeaks and Benjamin Geskin, have tweeted out this claimed iPhone 8 schematic obtained from an unknown source. The alleged technical drawing may help cast light on some of the more prominently rumored features of the OLED-based device, namely wireless charging, a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back and—thankfully—no rear Touch ID. We cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the leaked diagram so you’re advised to approach this report with some skepticism.

Showing the interior of the device, the drawing appears to match many recently leaked design schematics while hinting at the following rumored features of iPhone 8:

  • Vertically stacked rear cameras—Redesigned lenses could better support iPhone 8’s rumored augmented reality features while possibly improve depth-of-field photography (and other shooting modes) in landscape orientation. An LED flash, positioned between the two vertically stacked lenses, appears to be built right into the camera bulge itself. Yesterday’s iPhone 8 dummy showed noise-cancelling microphone in the camera bulge.
  • No rear Touch IDContrary to earlier reports, this design drawing does not indicate that a fingerprint sensor will be relocated to the backside like some Android phones. Assuming the schematic is legitimate, Apple may have managed to integrate Touch ID into the display assembly after all. And if that’s the case, then we’re potentially looking at a future iPhone with a nearly full-screen face.
  • Wireless charging—You may be asking yourself, “Well, if that large circular area on the back isn’t for Touch ID, what’s it for then?” As I’ve personally commented on other claimed iPhone 8 technical drawings, it’s probably a wireless charging coil or conductor (the leakster claims iPhone 8 supports wireless charging within five meters).

Aside from these and other rumored features, iPhone 8 is said to use a 5.8-inch curved OLED screen packed into a casing roughly the size of a 4.7-inch iPhone.

The device is widely expected to introduce an overhauled industrial design with all-glass front and back and a stainless steel frame holding the two sheets of glass together.

An all-glass iPhone 8 would surely support wireless charging better than a metal one.

As glass conducts heat quickly, iPhone 8 could adopt a thin graphite sheet to help dissipate heat when the phone is used with its optional wireless charging accessory.

As for the lack of rear Touch ID, here’s some food for thought: what if Apple actually built Touch ID into iPhone 8’s elongated power button, shown on a dummy model below?

At any rate, today’s schematic seems much more elaborate and legit than the ones we saw earlier, especially with no rear Touch ID and a wireless charging pad/coil on the back.

If you’d like, feel free to add to my analysis by sharing your own thoughts and findings with fellow readers in the comment section below.

Mockup: “Glass sandwich” iPhone 8 design with stainless steel frame via Steel Drake

Source:  KK Leaks, OnLeaks and Benjamin Geskin via MacRumors