Has iOS 10.3 randomly turned on your previously disabled iCloud services in Settings?

Released nine days ago, iOS 10.3 appears to be randomly re-enabling iCloud features that users previously disabled in Settings. The software update consolidates the various iCloud and Apple ID-related features under one central place at the top of the Settings app. The new organization has nothing to do with this behavior. It’s a bug, Apple told customers in an email message obtained by MacRumors, that affects a small number of users.

In its issued communique, the iCloud team advises that customers revisit their iCloud settings in the Settings app and manually disable any service that iOS 10.3 may have mistakenly re-enabled on their behalf. For instance, if you disabled iCloud Mail in Settings, be sure that the feature remains disabled after updating to iOS 10.3

Here’s Apple’s message in its entirety:

We discovered a bug in the recent iOS 10.3 software update that impacted a small number of iCloud users. This may have inadvertently reenabled some iCloud services that you had previously disabled on your device.

We suggest you go to iCloud settings on your iOS device to make sure that only the services you’d like to use are enabled.
Learn more about how to manage your iCloud settings or contact AppleCare with any questions.

The iCloud team

iOS 10.3.1, which released yesterday, fixed a Wi-Fi vulnerability but not this bug.

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Apple is currently testing an iOS 10.3.2 update with developers.

We know that iOS 10.3.2 contains bug fixes and various improvements, but it’s unclear if the software update will squash this bug. Do yourself a favor and launch Settings, then tap your profile picture at the top and hit iCloud to check if all your settings look good.

Has iOS 10.3 mistakenly re-enabled iCloud services you turned off?

If so, which ones?

Source: MacRumors