FiLMiC Pro 6.0 hits with overhauled UI, iPhone 7 exclusive features and other improvements

Anyone who’s serious about taking videos on their iOS device would agree that FiLMiC Pro for iPhone and iPad leaves Apple’s stock Camera app in the dust.

The filmmakers’ go-to app, this ultimate video recording and editing software has become even better thanks to yesterday’s update which brought out a redesigned user interface along with a number of new features.

The update includes iPhone 7-exclusive capabilities such as gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOG (a first for mobile video), live adjustments for Shadow, Highlight, RGB, Saturation and Vibrance curves, temporal noise reduction up to 1080p resolution and more.

The app’s overhauled interface with dual arc sliders is faster and gives you more precise manual control while shooting videos than in previous releases. The new controls make it easy to use variable speed focus pulls, zoom moves and more. Placing these most commonly used controls at your fingertips makes the app so much easier to use.

Aside form the overhauled UI, FiLMiC Pro 6.0 sports a bunch of pro-grade enhancements.

For instance, you get ramped zoom rocker control, a dedicated CMS for file naming, a Filmic Sync feature for saving present data in cloud to share between devices, clip favoriting, batch uploading to supported share services and more. Oh, and the waveform monitors  now included in tri-mode histogram.

A suite of new Live Analytics options available in FiLMiC Pro 6.0 includes such tools as Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color and Focus Peaking. While requiring Apple’s A8 processor and newer, these real-time analytics capabilities will help pro filmmakers get the best shot in terms of quality.

Other features exclusive to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are available with an optional In-App Purchase: new gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOG, live shadow, highlight, RGB, saturation and vibrance adjustments and temporal noise reduction up to 1080p resolution.

FiLMiC Pro 6.0 also includes a new white balance adjustment matrix with programmable and custom presets, advanced image control options such as color temperature and much, much more.

A $9.99 Cinematographer Kit upgrade is available with the ability to make real-time adjustments of color and tone to achieve a professional look and other features that seamlessly integrate the app into a colorist’s workflow with support for apps like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Specifically, the in-app upgrade comes with support for FiLMiC LOG (a first for mobile video), plus pro-grade features such as RGB channel adjustment, shadow/highlight recovery, temporal noise reduction, total curve section and white/black point adjustment.

FiLMiC Pro is hands down the best pro video camera app for iPhone. To learn how to master its capabilities and shoot stunning videos on the go, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to sign up for the Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro V6 from Epic Tutorials.

As mentioned, today’s update is free to existing users of the app.

FiLMiC Pro 6.0 is available for $14.99 download on App Store.