Skip forward in YouTube app

Google’s YouTube app has a handy scrubber for navigating a playing video clip. However, it makes it hard to fast forward or backward a longer video unless you sand down your finger first because the tiny control wasn’t designed for a very short jump.

Here’s a quick shortcut to help you skip forward or backward ten seconds in YouTube for iOS to catch something you missed, no need to interact with the scrubber at all.

How to skip forward and back 10 seconds in YouTube for iOS

1) Launch YouTube on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, find a video you’d like to watch and tap on it to start the playback.

2) Double-tap on the left side of the video player to rewind ten seconds. Double-tapping on the right side of the video player skips forward ten seconds.

Tip: To watch the clip in landscape mode, turn the device upside down (be sure that the Orientation Lock toggle in Control Center is disabled) or hit that fullscreen icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

Rewind 10 seconds in YouTube app

These shortcuts work in landscape mode, too.

As evidenced on the screenshots above and below, you can easily rewind any clip ten seconds in landscape mode by double-tapping on the right side of the video player.

Forward 10 seconds in YouTube app

Likewise, double-tap on the right side of the video to jump forward ten seconds.

This feature requires YouTube for iOS version 12.04 or later.

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YouTube is a free download from App Store.

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