Apple posts Sketch and Photoshop design assets for iOS 10 development

Apple today shared new user interface resources aimed at iOS 10 development. They come in the form of ready-made design templates for Photoshop and Sketch and include a variety of other helpful assets for quickly designing iOS apps.

Apple says these resources accurately depict the full range of UIKit controls which are available in iOS 10, as well as views and glyphs to help speed up the process of constructing and designing user interfaces in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps.

The included icon and glyph production files are preconfigured to automate asset production using Sketch slices or Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC.

Some of the design resources available in ZIP files include templates, color palettes, layout and type guides, UI elements, fonts and other items that help third-party developers design iOS and iMessage apps.

The included app icon templates for iOS and iMessage apps simplify icon production workflow using either Sketch or Photoshop. The navigation bar and toolbar, tab bar and home screen quick action glyph templates include sizing guides and a comprehensive reference of the glyphs provided by UIKit.

You can download these Photoshop and Sketch templates through Apple’s website.

Source: Apple