How to move emails from one inbox to another in your Mac’s Mail app


The Mail app in macOS is a multi-email handler and supports a wide variety of email platforms. That said, it you wanted to move some of your emails from one of your email account inboxes to another, you could.

This is a handy feature to know if you sent or received an email via the wrong account and wanted to keep your emails organized under the correct email inbox, so we’ll show you how it can be done in this tutorial.

Moving emails between inboxes in the macOS Mail app

For this to work, you need to have both of the email accounts you want to transfer emails to and from set up in your Mac’s Mail app. You can sign into a new email account in the Mail app by launching the app and going to Mail → Preferences → Accounts → + via the Menu Bar and signing in with the account(s) you intend to use.

Assuming you’ve already done this and are already using all the accounts you intend to use and move emails to and from, you can follow the steps below to transfer one or more of your emails from one of your email account inboxes to another:

1) Launch the Mail app on your Mac.

2) Open the inbox of the account that has the email(s) you want to transfer to another inbox.

Moving email from one inbox to another mac mail

Note: For this example, we will be moving emails from the Personal Email inbox to the Work Email inbox.

3) Shift + Click to select all of the emails you want to move.

Select Email Mac Mail App Before Moving

4) Click + Drag the selected emails into the inbox of the new account from the Mail app’s sidebar.

Move emails to another inbox

All the emails you had selected should now be moved to the new inbox:

Mac Mail App Email Transfer Complete

Note: In our case, the messages we selected and dragged out of our Personal Email inbox are all now found in our Work Email inbox.

As you can see, moving the messages to the new email inbox has also removed them from the original email inbox:

Mac Mail App Personal Email

Another thing to add is if you were to log into the same email accounts using another email app, or via the web-based portal, you would see the same changes, as the emails have been completely moved from one email account inbox to another, so keep in mind that this isn’t an illusion exclusive to the Mail app.

This works across different email platforms too, so you aren’t limited to transferring from Gmail to Gmail inboxes, for example. You can transfer from Gmail to iCloud, or even from iCloud to Outlook if you wanted to. The list of possibilities goes on, depending on your email provider.

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