Airmail 1.5 for iOS gains Workflow integration, custom actions & more

AirMail for Mac and iOS teaser 001

Airmail, the cross-platform email client by developer Bloop, has received a refresh on the App Store sporting a few noteworthy enhancements. Airmail 1.5 for iOS, a $4.99 download from the App Store, features integrations with the Bear Notes app and the popular iOS automation app Workflow. Other changes in Airmail 1.5 include new custom actions and Gmail authentication, the ability to select your default inbox, a new OpenURL action and minor fixes.

With Workflow integration, you can send email data as input from Airmail to your custom workflow in the Workflow app, assuming it’s installed on your device. Supported message data includes sender’s name and email address, TO/CC/BCC fields, subject, message text/HTML, Airmail URL, clipboard contents, message as PDF and more.

Workflow integration is provided as a new built-in action, titled Send to Workflow.

All of the message parameters that are available to you with Workflow integration can also be used as URL scheme tags with Airmail’s newly added Open URL action.

And with custom actions, Airmail customers can chain multiple stock and third-party actions in a single command. Some examples of simple custom actions include marking a message as read, snoozing it until tomorrow and so forth. A more complex action can, for example, create a reminder for a message while saving its sender as a VIP contact, applying a label and file the message in a folder.

For a more detailed overview of Airmail 1.5, check out MacStories’ in-depth article.

Grab Airmail 1.5 for iOS for $4.99 from the App Store.