Space, Capsule, Listables and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

It’s the weekend again, and you know what that means. It’s time for another one of our Apps of the Week roundups. This week we’ve selected some great titles for you including a new interactive app for exploring space, an AI service for documenting your life experiences, and an app for creating and viewing shareable todo lists. And as usual, we’ve picked out two great new games for you to try.

Space by Tinybop


Explore our solar system in this beautiful interactive app from Tinybop. It’s aimed at kids, but all users will find joy in visiting the sun and the 8 planets up close and personal. Study their surfaces, discover their characteristics, interact with their orbits and atmospheres, and even peek inside their rocky crusts. Noteworthy features include gorgeous graphics, original sound design, support for 50+ languages and multiple users. This isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you have kids, or an explorative mind, it’s worth checking out. Space is available for $2.99.



Here’s an interesting app. Capsule remembers everywhere you’ve been and captures the good times that happened there. Simply do your thing and take pictures as usual, and check in with the Capsule app to see a content-rich timeline of your life. What was that dive bar you went to last week and heard that awesome live band? Check Capsule. What’s the name of that adorable little restaurant you ate at earlier this month? Capsule. Think of it sort of like Swarm but without all of the data-tracking. Capsule is for you, and you only. Note: it does have to run continuously in the background, but the team says it has a very minimal battery footprint. This app is available for free.



Listables allows you to store all your checklists in one place, share them with your team, and track progress. You can literally see who is doing what in real-time and get notifications and status updates for tasks you have shared or are following. So the app is this powerful productivity tool, but it’s also an awesome resource for information. There’s a Listables community of curated checklists from other users and even verified organizations—a cool example of this is a checklist of things to do to help lower your cancer risk from the American Cancer Society. So even if you don’t need this powerful todo list app, I still think this is worth checking out. Listables is available for free.

Post Brutal

post brutal

Post Brutal is a 3D action RPG experience that puts you at the center of the zombie apocalypse. And it’s literally you—FaceRoom and VoiceRoom technology allow you to give your character in the game your face and voice. Now, in the game you’ll enter the quarantine of City Zero and band together with other survivors struggling to survive in the aftermath of The Event, the cataclysm that drove over half the city’s population into a feral frenzy. You’ll encounter intense, dynamic combat, utilize your stealth skills, and decide your own fate. The early reviews of this game are very positive, and at the least it seems worth a quick look. Post Brutal is available for free.

Sticky Space


If you’re looking for something less involved, check out Sticky Space. In this game, you find yourself stranded in deep space after your ship breaks down. Luckily you have sticky boots that let you leap between asteroids and ride them in zero-gravity. Watch your step! This asteroid field is filled with lasers and proximity mines—one wrong move and you could find yourself drifting off into the endless void of space. Just tap to jump off one asteroid and drift through space to land on the next, and avoid the obstacles. Sticky Space is available for free.

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