Developer ports classic FPS shooter Doom onto the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar display

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 009

Developer Adam Bell has successfully ported the classic first-person shooter Doom onto the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar’s 2,170-by-60 pixel resolution OLED display complete with 3D graphics, the game’s familiar head-up display and trademark sound effects. Doom, of course, runs on everything these days thanks to enthusiasts who port the game onto computing devices that can handle it.

The port is a proof-of-concept piece of software and as such unavailable publicly.

I’m not surprised because, as you’ll see for yourself in the video embedded below, the Touch Bar’s ultra wide 2170-by-60 display makes the game impractical to play due to the squashed vertical resolution.

Here’s Doom running on the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

Bell has also ported Doom’s head-up display onto the Touch Bar.

Apple does not recommend using the Touch Bar for playing games so any future hacks like this are unlikely to be officially offered through the Mac App Store. For those interested, the website provides a list of devices that are capable of running Doom ports.

Source: Adam Bell