How to look back at your weekly Move goals progress in the Activity app


Apple Watch users will know the drill: your watch has made a habit of giving you a discrete nudge at the end of each week, commending or scolding you on your summarized weekly chores. This is followed by a polite prompt to set your new daily Move goal based on your previous week’s achievements. If you are anything like me, your fervor is likely to fluctuate within reason, often times hinging on whether or not you managed to surpass last week’s yardstick.

After this week to week ritual has turned into a routine, you’d be hard-pressed to fully recall your personal Move goals journey, be it your calories goal set four weeks ago or way back at the beginning of the year. Users fully devoted to fitness tracking might however appreciate that insight in order to, for example, monitor the progress made in personal ambition or simply to reminisce about their original Move goal settings and see how far they have come.

The following tutorial showcases how a simple swipe in your Activity app can deliver just that. It is a gesture so marginal that many users might be completely oblivious to it.

How to let Activity display the weekly Move goal interface

1) Open Activity on your iPhone.

2) Select the History tab in the bottom left corner to summon the monthly view of your Activity rings.

activity app rings tutorial

3) Hold down a finger anywhere on the calendar (left half of the screen recommended for ease of use) and swipe to your right to unveil a new column: GOAL.

activity app rings tutorial 2

4) Keep your finger down while reading or the column will retract again.

activity app rings tutorial 3

If you want to research earlier months, scroll your way through the calendar and swipe right wherever you want information about the Move goal set at the time.

Note that while the white digits placed next to the weekly rows indicate the Move goal set at each corresponding week, the percentage points attached do not reflect how much you under or over performed that week, but merely signal the variation in what you set as your goal compared to the previous week. If you zoned out the moment you read percentage points, trust me that this is a lot more straightforward than I just sketched it out.

Besides, keep in mind that you do not have to wait for Sundays in order to catch a glimpse of your performance during an ongoing week. On your watch, simply open the Activity app and Force Touch the rings to invoke the Weekly Summary and Change Move Goal interface on the fly.

activity app rings 2 watch


Last of all, if you were wondering why this demo features the unit of Kilojoules instead of the more common-place Calories benchmark in the US, here is how to switch between the two scales, and more right from your wrist.

May your (past and present) Move goals be ever-growing!