How to track your parked car even without iOS 10 or a compatible head unit

Parked Car Nonda

A new feature that comes baked into iOS 10 shows you where you last parked your car right in the Maps app. On the other hand, it requires you to both have the latest version of iOS installed and to have a compatible head unit in your car, either with Bluetooth or CarPlay capability.

Since not everyone has an interest in updating, nor does everyone have a compatible head unit in their car, there is an alternative way to see where you parked your car right from your iPhone. All you’re going to need is a specialized 12v iPhone charger for your car and a free App Store app.

Nonda’s ZUS charger works with virtually all smartphones and tablets and can charge devices at high rates of speed, but hidden behind the skin of this alien-looking 12v charger is some incredibly useful tech that lets you see where you parked your car last.

Nonda ZUS Car Charger

Best of all, it doesn’t even require iOS 10, and because it acts as its own hub, you don’t even need to have a Bluetooth or CarPlay-compatible head unit in your car. Software inside of the unit itself updates your location in the background automatically via a companion app.

It uses the power of Bluetooth to communicate with your iPhone every time you turn your car off, and it tells its companion app, which is a free download from the App Store, whenever you’ve turned your car off so it can record your location right where your car was parked.

Nonda ZUS Parked Car Tracking

What’s more is there are shortcuts for opening the saved location in the Apple Maps app to navigate to your car or you can even send the parking location to others, which is useful if you’re carpooling somewhere with your friends, but you split up and want to help remind them where you parked so everyone can start heading home.

The app includes a bevy of other features as well, including but not limited to parking meter notifications and a battery health feature that acts as a real time voltmeter so you can make sure your car battery is performing up to spec.

From the main interface of the app, you can see how far away you are from your parked car, and you can go into the settings of the app to configure your car’s make and battery information, as well as configure notifications, units, and more.

Nonda ZUS App Interface

The app itself is certainly a step up from Apple’s basic parked car feature in the Maps app, but apart from the app, the 12v charger is also out of this world. Most of your 12v chargers feel cheaply made, but the Nonda ZUS is built with premium materials and even meets MIL-STD 810G military standards for heat dissipation.

Adding to its convenience, the USB ports are reversible, so you never have to worry about plugging in your Lightning cable or Micro-USB cable upside down ever again, since it will plug in no matter what. Ambient lighting within the charger itself even helps you to see where you’re plugging your cables into when it’s dark.

Nonda’s ZUS 12v charger is available on Amazon for $29.99, but bundle options with bulk pricing are also available if you’ll be buying more than one for all of your vehicles.

For anyone who has a jailbreak and isn’t interested in updating to iOS 10 at this point in time, or for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on a factory or aftermarket Bluetooth or CarPlay-supported head unit, the Nonda ZUS charger is an affordable and effective way to add an automatic parked car tracking feature to your iPhone.