How to send kisses, heartbeats, heartbreaks, taps, sketches, and fireballs in messages from your Apple Watch

Digital Touch allows you to send all kinds of beautiful animations, such as heartbeats, broken hearts, kisses, fire, and animated sketches, just by using simple taps and gestures on the watch screen.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to send a Digital Touch effect in the Messages app on your Apple Watch. You’re going to love it!

Four Apple Watch mockups showing Digital Touch message effects like fireball, heartbeat, taps, and kiss

What can you send with Digital Touch?

You can send the following using Digital Touch on your Apple Watch:

  • Your heartbeat
  • A broken heart
  • A sketch
  • Tap(s) on the wrist
  • An angry fireball
  • A ton of kisses

How to send a Digital Touch message

Sending Digital Touch effects in messages from your Apple Watch is easy. You can send them in response to incoming messages or go into the Messages app and compose one for a new or existing chat. Here’s how:

1) Open the Messages app and pick an ongoing conversation or tap New Messages and add a contact.

2) Tap the App Store icon from the left edge of the watch screen.

3) Tap the Digital Touch icon, which is made of a pink heart with two fingers on it.

4) After you tap this button, you’ll get to the Digital Touch canvas, which is basically your gesture zone for creating the Digital Touch effects you want to send.

Three Apple Watch mockups showing how to create Digital Touch effect messages

Let’s tell you what you need to do to send different kinds of Digital Touch animated messages using this canvas.

Send heart or your heartbeat

You can send your heartbeat to another person by tapping and holding with two fingers on your Apple Watch’s display until you see your heartbeat. When you’re satisfied with the number of beats, lift your finger from the display, and this will send your heartbeat to that person.

Digital Touch heartbeat on Apple Watch screen

When they receive it, this is what it will look like:

Digital Touch Heartbeat GIF on iPhone screen

Send broken heart

You can also send a broken heart when the time is appropriate. To do that, enter the Digital Touch canvas, and then tap and hold with two fingers until you see your heartbeat. After you see the heartbeat, swipe down with your two fingers and then lift your finger from the display. When you swipe down, you will see the heart rip into two pieces, and it will be sent to the person you’re messaging.

Broken heartbeat Digital Touch effect on Apple Watch screen

When they receive it, this is what the broken heart will look like:

Digital Touch Broken Heart GIF on iPhone screen inside the Messages app

Send sketch

The Digital Touch canvas also supports sketches. To send a sketch, draw with one finger on your Apple Watch screen.

Digital Touch sketch on Apple Watch

You can also tap on the round blue button in the top right of the canvas to change the color of your drawing tool:

Digital Touch sketch color change option

Unlike other Digital Touch messages, you have a short waiting period before a sketch is sent automatically. This is so that you can continue drawing. Once you’re satisfied with the sketch, tap Done at the top left of the screen to send it, or simply wait a couple of seconds, and your Apple Watch will send the sketch automatically.

When the person you’re messaging receives your sketch, this is what it will look like on their end:

Digital Touch Sketch GIF in iPhone Messages app

Send one or many taps on the wrist

For the times when sending a tap on the wrist will get someone’s attention, you can do that too. For that, tap once or even multiple times on the Digital Touch canvas. It will record your taps and exactly where you tapped on the screen.

Sending Digital Touch tap from Apple Watch

Just like in the sketch feature, you can tap on the round blue button at the top right to change the color of your taps:

Digital Touch color change screen

Here’s what a tap on the wrist would look like on the recipient’s end:

GIF showing how Digital Touch taps appear on iPhone screen

Send fireball

Are you feeling a little fumed? In this situation, a fireball can help convey your feelings. To send a fireball, go into the Digital Touch canvas and tap and hold with one finger until you see the fireball appear. When you see it, you can release your finger from the display to send it to your recipient.

Digital Touch fire or fireball effect in Messages on Apple Watch

When your recipient receives your fireball, this is what it’s going to look like for them:

Digital Touch Fireball GIF on iPhone

Send one or several kisses

The final type of Digital Touch message you can send, which is perfect for expressing your love for your significant other, is sending kisses. To send a kiss, enter the Digital Touch canvas and tap two fingers on your Apple Watch’s display. You can tap as many times as you want to, and each tap will create a kiss. When you’re finished, tap on the blue Done button at the top left to send your message.

Sending multiple kisses using Digital Touch on Apple Watch

This is what kisses look like on the receiving end:

Digital Touch Kisses GIF on iPhone

View Digital Touch messages on your Apple Watch

After you send or receive Digital Touch messages on your Apple Watch, it’s really easy to look at them right from your wrist.

You can either tap them from the notification you receive, or you can go into the Messages app, open a conversation, and tap a Digital Touch message that has been sent or received.

How to view Digital Touch messages on Apple Watch

Piece of cake!

This is how you can send Digital Touch messages on your Apple Watch. What do you think of this cute little feature? Let us know below!

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