iOS 10 gains convenient cellular data shortcut with a little help from 3D Touch


iOS 10 takes 3D Touch, a pressure sensing technology which debuted a year ago on the iPhone 6s, to plenty new places throughout the operating system. With 3D Touch, you can clear all notifications in one fell swoop, rename folders quickly, prioritize downloads, interact with notifications and more.

You also get useful 3D Touch shortcuts upon pressing app icons in Control Center (sadly, 3D-touching Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles does nothing).

Worse, Control Center continues to inexplicably lack a dedicated cellular data toggle. But worry not, as Apple has found a way to slip in that sought-after cellular data shortcut with a little help from 3D Touch.

Just press the Settings icon with 3D Touch and you should notice the presence of a brand new Cellular Data shortcut. Tap it to be taken to the cellular section inside the Settings app. The other three options in the shortcuts menu—Battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth—have been there since iOS 9.

If I were you, I’d put Settings in the Dock to make the cellular data shortcut accessible from any Home screen. Will you be using this shortcut a lot, do you think?