Snapchat’s sweet new update makes a handful of things a tad easier

Snapchat banner

A brand new version of Snapchat is now available in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s a point update but don’t let that fool you as it makes a handful of things a bit easier. For starters, you can now finally preview a person’s public Stories without adding them as a friend. Before today, you had to add a contact as your friend to view their Stories so just this nice improvement alone could go a long way toward helping us discover new accounts and content on Snapchat a bit more easily than before.

Snapchat 9.38 packs in a few other useful improvements.

For instance, no longer do you have to long-tap on your account to access custom lenses, which was really annoying. Instead, tap once and the filters will load instantly.

Next, Snapchat now lets you style captions for your Snaps with bold, underline and italic—simply tap a caption to access the new styling options.

And lastly, big captions can now be pinned to any objects in your Snap to have them animate the same way emojis do—just long-tap the caption after you’ve recorded a video to use this feature.

Snapchat is available at no charge from the App Store.