New Surface Pro 4 ad calls MacBook Air “less useful, like a hat for your cat”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ad MAcBook Air like hat for cat 001

Following its recent iPad Pro-dissing commercial, Microsoft today released another nicely done Surface Pro 4 ad which takes aim at the MacBook Air, calling it “less useful, like a hat for your cat”. Surface ads have successfully promoted competitive advantages of the hybrid device, which comes with a detachable keyboard, pen, touchscreen and more. And thanks to an Intel chip, it runs the full Office suite and most other Windows programs, like Photoshop.

Here’s the latest Surface Pro 4 ad, titled “Surface Pro 4 is the one for me”.

I think it’s a pretty nice ad that doesn’t insult Apple customers more than Apple’s legendary Mac vs. PC campaign annoyed Windows customers.

What did you think of this ad?