Canvas, Spark Pro, Mimo and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

It’s the weekend again, and you know what that means! It’s time for another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some awesome selections for you including a new realtime collaboration app, a minimal video capturing app, a new app that makes learning to code fun and easy, and of course two games that we think are worth checking out.



With Canvas, you can collaborate with anyone in the blink of an eye. Simply share your canvas link with those you want to join your project and watch them them show up. Then it’s just a matter of typing. In addition to realtime collaboration you also get markdown support, easy swipe gestures for formatting, and blazing fast search. There’s clearly a focus on work and productivity here, but I’m sure there are other use-cases for a platform like this. Canvas is available for free.

Spark Pro


From the creators of the award-winning app Spark Camera, comes Spark Pro, a beautiful video creation tool for iPhone. Spark Pro makes it easier than ever to record a weekend, a vacation, or anything else worth keeping in memory. Simply press and hold to capture as many moments as you’d like in 1080p. Then select your filter, add music from your iTunes library, trim and reorder your clips, and share your Spark with friends. This app is available for free.



Learn how to code on your iPhone—whenever you want. Mimo features hundreds of gamified and interactive micro-lessons, making computer science both fun and easy to learn. This app will get you started with programming in Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, Ruby, and much more. You can complete two chapters in any language for free, but beyond that you’ll have to pay the $50/year subscription fee. Mimo is available for free.



With professional football now in full swing (preseason anyway), how could we not mention Madden NFL Mobile? This year the hit game is back with a refreshed design and several gameplay improvements including an all-new QB scramble feature (finally!), over 50 new offensive plays, new defensive line gameplay, fair-play tuning, and new Live Events. Yes, Madden is the epitome of a freemium game, but I believe there’s still a fun football game hidden beneath the IAPs. Madden NFL Mobile is available for free.



Last, but not least, we have Outfolded. This is a minimalist, endless puzzler developed by the creators of Pac-Man 256 and the award-winning Cuban series. In this game, players can relax, zone out and experiment in a never-ending series of levels, or take on the challenging daily puzzles to earn hints and go up against the best. Unfold shapes to reach your goal. Don’t worry, you have unlimited undos. Whether you love or hate puzzles, this game is for you. Outfolded is available for free.

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