Snapchat optimized for iPhone’s Low Power Mode

Snapchat banner

Earlier this week, Snapchat issued a small update to its free of charge iPhone application on the App Store. Bumping version number to 9.37, the app is now optimized for iOS’s Low Power Mode which debuted in iOS 9 last year.

“When your device is in Low Power Mode, Snapchat will now automatically reduce its battery usage,” according to release notes accompanying a 96.1-megabyte download.

Developers did not specify how the app itself reduces battery usage when the device enters Low Power Mode. Available as a switch in Settings → Battery, Low Power Mode helps reduce battery consumption by shutting down services like Hey Siri, Background App Refresh, Mail fetch, Automatic Downloads and some visual effects.

Apps, however, must specifically leverage Apple’s APIs to detect when Low Power Mode has been enabled in order to take full advantage of this mode.

Snapchat requires iOS 8.1 or newer and is available free from the App Store.