SketchPlus, Foresee, VOX Free Music, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s edition of iDB’s Apps of the Week roundup, we have selected some great apps for you to check out this weekend. We have a new photo editor with some great sketch filters, a weather app that can help you schedule outdoor activities, an app for discovering music, and two great new games you won’t want to miss.



Sure there are a lot of photo editing apps out there, but SketchPlus focuses on a single specific filter: analog. The app offers a handful of effects you can use to make your photos look hand-drawn. You can choose from one of 12 different pen styles, choose from black, white or other colors (unlocked via IAP or watching ads), and then of course you can easily share your drawings. The initial reviews in the App Store aren’t very good, but I found the app easy to use and it creates some neat effects. SketchPlus is available for free.



What do you get when you cross a weather app with an activity planner? Foresee. The app was developed to answer questions like “What time is best to go to the pool today?”, “When should I mow the lawn this week?”, and “should I have a cookout this weekend?” Create personalized one-time or recurring events—each with weather preferences important to you—and Foresee will do the rest. So if you tell it you’re going camping this weekend, it can alert you if last-minute rain pops up. This app is available for $1.99.

VOX Free Music

vox music

Love music? VOX Free Music offers access to millions of songs, DJ sets and live concerts. There’s trending music, top charts, and curated playlists for things like working out, dinner parties and more. There’s even a search feature that allows you to find almost any song and play it…for free. As best as I can tell, VOX gets its library from SoundCloud and Worldwide Radio. I’m not sure if this violates their TOS’es, but this is a sharp-looking app with great features that is worth checking out. VOX is available for free.

Crooked Path

crooked path

Find your path in this unique & beautiful one touch puzzle runner, that has within it, a transformative message: “The path to your destiny, will not always be a straight one.” This addictive puzzle runner features a beautiful design, simple-yet-challenging one-touch gameplay, and an atmospheric soundtrack that will keep you coming back for more. There weren’t any iTunes ratings at the time of writing, but several industry reviewers have given the game high praise. Crooked Path is available for $1.99.

Tap Hero

tap hero

Tap Hero is a pixel art, adventure arcade game that tasks players with staying alive for as long as they can. To aid you on your quest, your Hero will perform a Powerful Special attack when your Super Bar is full. Upgrade your armor, weapons, and fight for glory in Pixel Kingdom. Gameplay is both easy and addictive, the battle music is fast-paced and the pixel animations are superb. You’ll fight in 4 different seasons, against 5 different opponents as you attempt to reach the top of the leaderboard. This game is available for free.

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