Next-gen MacBook Pro to integrate Touch ID into the Power button?

macbook pro oled 4

Apple is believed to be working on the next MacBook Pro upgrade that should include, among a faster Intel processor and graphics and other hardware-related enhancements, an OLED bar replacing the row of function keys on the keyboard with programmable touch-sensitive shortcuts that could automatically change from one app to another.

In a new report Monday, 9to5Mac has learned from a sketchy source that the rumored OLED touch bar might be accompanied by a Touch ID sensor for fingerprint login.

“That source says the Touch ID sensor will be combined with the power button, which would certainly make sense,” reads the report.

macOS Sierra probably offers a hint of things to come because the operating system has introduced a new Auto Unlock feature which permits a Mac to automatically log you in when you’re wearing your Apple Watch and the two devices are in close proximity of one another, bypassing the need to type in your password at the login screen.

This is a very cool feature, but those without an Apple Watch will be out of luck. That’s why the notion of a MacBook Pro with a Touch ID-integrated OLED touch bar makes sense as it’d make it easy for owners of that notebook to log in using their fingerprint without needing to buy an Apple Watch.

9to5Mac has a reputation for breaking Apple news first, but this report of theirs should be taken with a few pinches of salt. In the publication’s own words, the source for this report is anonymous and has no established track record although their IP address “is at least located near Apple HQ and it came with some seemingly reliable intel”.

MacBook Pro concept via 3D artist Martin Hajek.

Source: 9to5Mac