Apple Maps in iOS 10 will remember where you parked

apple maps park

A handy new Maps feature has been discovered in the initial beta of iOS 10 that will help you find your car in a crowded parking lot. As you can see in the screenshot above, the new version of the app can recall exactly where your vehicle is located.

We don’t know a whole lot about the feature, as Apple hasn’t covered it in detail, but it appears in iOS 10 your iPhone will automatically flag your location once you’ve stopped moving after a long trip—unless of course you’re at your home address.

Once you park, you’ll get a notification saying “Your parked car has been marked on the map.” Maps will drop a Pin in the location and add it as a “Recommended Destination” for easy access, and at any time you can get directions back to your vehicle.

The Maps app is getting a fair amount of attention in iOS 10. In addition to the above feature, it’s also getting a refreshed design, a Quick Controls menu with shortcuts to POIs and settings, improved search and en route traffic. iOS 10 will debut this fall.

Thanks Jimmy!