iQunix makes an affordable, high-quality stand for MacBook

iQunix MacBook Stand Review mounted

If you’re looking for a durable aluminum stand for your Apple notebook, then don’t count out iQunix. Although the popular brand names look appealing and are tried and true, we had the chance to go hands-on with the iQunix Edin, which is also a very high-quality stand for all MacBook models, all this at a lower price.

In this review, we’ll show you how the iQunix Edin looks and touch on its build quality and features. Don’t be shy; we think you’re gonna like it!

iQunix Edin: an affordable tank of a notebook stand

I always find myself putting my MacBook on another table, or off to the side somewhere so I can use my desk for writing or other hobby activities. The only problem is, I have a 15″ MacBook Pro and no matter where I put it, it’s going to take up a lot of space.

Notebook stands are a great way to utilize a three-dimensional volume of space rather than just setting the computer flat down on a surface. They utilize the thinness of Apple’s notebooks by standing the machines up vertically, allowing you to push them right up to a wall and still have an empty desk for other things.

Since I was in the market for a notebook stand, I thought I’d give the $40 iQunix Edin a try, being that it’s marginally less expensive than a lot of the name brand competition and is still made out of quality aluminum materials.

I was not disappointed…

The iQunix arrived in a box on my doorstep last week, and it was a relatively heavy box. When you think of aluminum, you expect something light-weight, but it actually has a desirable weighted feel to it, which makes it great for anchoring my heavy 15-inch MacBook Pro on my desk without tipping over.

The inside of the unit itself has a grippy and cushiony interior that carefully cradles your notebook and prevents friction from leaving marks on it. These soft pads are present on all three surfaces that come in contact with the notebook:

iQunix MacBook Stand Review grips inside

On the side of the stand, you’ll notice a metal adjustment knob. You can loosen it and then move the slide forward or back so that you have enough room for your computer.

It’ll squeeze down nice and tight for thinner computers like the MacBook with Retina display or the MacBook Air, or you can put your big fat non-retina display MacBook Pro or PC notebook inside of it too!

Once happy with the width, you can crank down on the knob to lock it down in place.

iQunix MacBook Stand Review adjustment knob

The bottom of the iQunix Edin has a nice textured rubber surface, which keeps the stand from moving around on your desk and prevents slipping. This is great because it anchors your computer securely on your desk.

iQunix MacBook Stand Review grips bottom

And of course, what would a stand be without charging compatibility? – iQunix Edin provides easy access to your Magsafe or USB-C connector so you can charge your Mac while it sits:

iQunix MacBook Stand Review magsafe

My thoughts on the iQunix Edin

I know there are some better-looking brand names out there, but honestly, the iQunix Edin doesn’t look all that bad, and its finish matches the MacBook Pro almost exactly.

I like the weight of the stand, because it prevents the Mac notebook from getting knocked over or pushed around, and the grips on the bottom of the stand help with this as well. I also really like the grips on the inside, because they anchor the notebook without scuffing it up.

Overall, the stand is about $10 less than its competition from companies like Twelve South, and the fact that it’s fully-adjustable means you can tailor it to any needs you might have.

If you were to ask me if it was worth the purchase, I’d tell you to give it a go! This is my first notebook stand, and I’m already in love with it.

Here’s a pros and cons list:


  • Excellently weighted
  • Grips on bottom and interior prevent slipping and scuffing
  • Easy access to all ports
  • All-aluminum construction looks good and is durable
  • Adjustable clamp knob allows it to work with all Mac notebooks
  • Affordable price


  • Generic-looking


For the affordable price of just $40, you can have yourself an iQunix Edin stand for your Mac notebook from Amazon. I’m certain I would buy one of these again if I needed a laptop stand, and I am impressed with the build quality I can see from using it. I say give it a try!

What are your thoughts on the iQunix Edin stand? Share in the comments!