Deal: get 93% off the new MacPhun photo creativity bundle

FX Photo Studio Pro (Mac screenshot 001)

After delighting iPhone photography fans with free high-quality filters for Photos for Mac, California-based developer MacPhun is back with a very tempting offer in the form of a photo creativity bundle “unlike any other”. They’re calling it the Creative Kit XXL and let me tell you something—“XXL” is used there for a very good reason.

Not only do you get six premium photo-editing applications for your Mac in this bundle, but a ton of other goodies.

Some of the bonus content ad benefits you get with Creative Kit XXL: 40+ guides from leading photographers, 1200+ creative presets, six additional Mac apps for watermarking and resizing images and deep partner discounts.

And all of these perks can be yours in exchange for just $129, a cool 93 percent discount over the combined $2,000+ price for the included apps, tools and materials. Yup, that’s a massive savings of $1,871.

Here are the six premium photography apps you get in this bundle.

FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio is an image editing app for the masses that packs quite a punch. Not only does it sport a stunning collection of more than 200 one-click photo effects like Vintage, Dramatic B&W, Analog, Grunge, Sketches, 3-D, Color Splash and more, but comes with countless frames and borders for your photos.

FX Photo Studio has a Photos extension, it supports RAW format and is integrated as a plugin with Adobe’s Lightroom, CC and Photoshop apps and Apple’s Aperture.


Did you ever want to add selective focus and tilt-shift effects to your photos? Well, that’s what Focus is for. This app lets you create depth-of-field effects in post-processing, meaning you don’t need an expensive photography lens just to achieve the same effect in-camera.

You can choose from a bunch of selective focus effects, each fine-tuned for a specific type of photography. Focus includes adjustable blur effects, it does face recognition and supports multi-touch trackpad gestures to rotate, pinch, zoom, move and adjust the effects’ strength.


With pro-grade presets, powerful enhancement tools, layering and masking features and rich presets developed by pro photographers, Intensify really makes your photos stand out from the crowd. This app gives you everything you need to create vignettes with luminosity control, apply filters with finely graded controls and perform other dramatic touch-ups.

Intensify features 16-bit image processing with RAW format support, can import layered Photoshop files and you can use it within Photos for Mac.


Noiseless is a pixel-perfect noise reduction app that uses special presets and custom algorithm for noise reduction on both RAW files and mobile photos. This Mac-exclusive app is perfect for getting rid of noise due to lack of light and high ISO settings on you camera, which can make your snaps grainy.


An image-healing app, Snapheal will help you fix skin blemishes, remove unwanted objects and people from photos, restore scanned photos and make other imperfections vanish instantly. Powered by the proprietary CleanPics technology, Snapheal handles RAW files, includes a Blur brush with selective masking and more.

You can run Snapheal as a standalone app, as a Photos extension or use it as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Apple’s own Aperture app.


A black-and-white photo editor, Tonality uses proprietary image processing engine to bring the authenticity of analog black and white photography to your digital photos. The app includes over a hundred pro-grade tools and presets to easily create striking black and white photos “that stand the test of time.”

Tonality works in real time, supports native RAW processing technology and can open and save Adobe Photoshop PSD files.

Bonus goodies

Additionally, the Creative Kit XXL includes tons of training assets, apps for image watermarking and resizing as well as hundreds of creative presets.

  • Presets, textures, filters, sample RAW files—These assets for Lightroom, Tonality, Intensify and Noiseless include all kinds of textures, from grunge to urban. Plus, you get RAW photo samples from professional photographers.
  • Photo guides, e-books and videos—Created by the leading photographers and educators around the world, these materials provides valuable tips and tricks. What’s more, you’re getting taught about photo-editing techniques through the stories behind these photographers’ snaps and secrets behind some of their most successful photo works.
  • Additional apps—You also get the following apps as part of the Creative Kit XXL bundle: the “tiny planet” effects app Circular Studio by BrainFeverMedia, facial animation software Crazy Talk 7 Standard by Reallusion, quick image editor Flame Painter 3 Pro by Escape Motions, collage maker Picture Collage Maker by Pearl Mountain, as well as batch image editor Resize Sense and batch watermarking tool Watermark Sense by VeprIT. With a little help of these apps, you can easily watermark and resize your photos in no time, create unique effects, collages, compositions and even hilarious talking animations.

Wow, that’s one insane bundle!

I was just speaking to Sebastien about it and said I’d need to take a month off from work just to make some time for exploring and appreciating all the goodies they’ve thrown in.

You can get the Creative Kit XXL for $129 for a limited time.