SilentMessenger enhances your Facebook & Facebook Messenger privacy

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Facebook and Facebook Messenger users who have a jailbroken iOS device are going to love the benefits of using a new jailbreak tweak called SilentMessenger.

This tweak is going to provide these users with additional steps to protect their privacy and keep their footprint in the Facebook apps as minimal as possible from the perspective of other users who are online. Moreover, it also supercharges some other features of the apps.

In this review, we’ll talk about what SilentMessenger can do for your Facebook experience, and walk you through all of the tweak’s options.

Enhancing Facebook with SilentMessenger

SilentMessenger is undoubtedly intended for Facebook Messenger for the most part, but it will also apply to some features of the main Facebook app as well. With this tweak installed, you can benefit from the following useful features:

Improved Privacy

  • Hide your last active time from other Facebookers
  • Hide your online status from other Facebookers
  • The other person can’t see when you’re typing to them
  • The other person can’t see when you’ve read their messages
  • Prevent Facebook analytics from sending usage to Facebook’s apps
  • A blue banner that shows when silent mode is enabled or disabled

Functional Feature Add-ons

  • Send unlimited image files in a single message
  • Send any length video that you want to
  • Disable auto-playing of videos in your news feed
  • Switch Facebook accounts from the Facebook Messenger app

As you can probably tell, the tweak’s major focus is going to be with providing you with privacy features, but there are also some useful functional feature add-ons that let you do more with your Facebook experience.

Configuring SilentMessenger

SilentMessenger will add a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure the tweak to your liking and tailor your Facebook or Facebook Messenger experience to your liking.

SilentMessenger Preferences Pane Options to Configure

From here, you can toggle on or off all of the individual features we just talked about, such as:

  • Typing receipts
  • Read receipts
  • Facebook app tracking
  • Sending unlimited quantities of photos
  • Sending unlimited length videos
  • Ceasing auto-play of videos
  • Enabling account switching
  • Enabling the blue-styled banner

Additionally, you’ll see a mode called silent mode. With this mode, all of the following changes will take effect:

  • Last active time is hidden
  • Online status is hidden
  • Typing receipts are hidden
  • Read receipts are hidden
  • You won’t see the above features for other users either
  • Facebook’s VoIP feature will be disabled for you

My thoughts on SilentMessenger

Because Facebook essentially forces a lot of these things down your throat, such as sending read and typing receipts to the people you message, and limiting the sizes and qualities of videos and photos that you send in the Messenger app, I think that this tweak will be useful for many users.

I’ve seen quite a few jailbreak tweaks in my time of reviewing them that provide similar features to SilentMessenger, but with other tweaks, you get a combination of some, more, or different features. With that being said, it’s another tweak to add to the diverse list of choices to pick from if you’re looking to improve your privacy and functional features in these apps.

For the price of $1.50 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, it’s a tweak that’s not only affordable, but will give you the privacy you’re looking for when you want to search Facebook without people knowing you’re online and without sharing analytics with Facebook themselves.

Wrapping up

SilentMessenger works with the latest versions of Facebook and Facebook Messenger and with iOS 7 through iOS 9 on all iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads and lets you experience more privacy in your favorite social networking apps. It’s a great way to keep yourself from being snooped on by other nosy people.

What are your thoughts on the features provided by SilentMessenger? Share in the comments below!