Apple’s generously made 8GB of RAM standard across all 13″ MacBook Air configurations


In addition to updating its twelve-inch MacBook lineup around Intel’s latest SkyLake chips, a new Rose Gold finish and other perks, Apple also announced that all configurations of the 13-inch MacBook Air now ship with eight gigabytes of RAM.

“Apple also today made 8GB of memory standard across all configurations of the 13-inch MacBook Air,” reads a line in Apple’s press release announcing its notebook refresh.

Apple’s two 13-inch MacBook Air models still start at $999 (128GB model) and $1,099 (256GB model) like before so customers now get twice the memory for the same price. The 11-inch Air models continue to ship with 4GB of RAM as a standard option.

Before today, the 13-inch MacBook Air models used to come outfitted with just 4GB of RAM. Customers who wanted more memory had to configure their Air with 8GB of RAM, which increased the price.

Strangely enough, the MacBook Air was not refreshed today with some of the technologies found in the second-generation twelve-inch MacBook models.

For instance, the Airs still use Intel’s older Broadwell platform versus the new SkyLake chips that allow for 25 percent faster graphics and an additional hour of battery life on the new twelve-inch MacBook. Even more disappointingly, the Air continues to use the old display technology and has not been given a Retina screen in today’s refresh.

Will Apple discontinue the MacBook Air brand soon, do you think?

Source: Apple