How to disable AMBER and Emergency alerts on iPhone

AMBER Alert iPhone Lock Screen

Your iPhone comes equipped with government notifications, such as AMBER, Emergency, and Public Safety alerts. These alerts are pushed out to individuals by their carriers based on their location, and can be useful for a variety of reasons.

On the other hand, if you don’t think you’ll be using them any time soon or you get sick of seeing them on your device, you can always disable them.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how!

What are AMBER, Emergency and Public Safety alerts?

AMBER, Emergency, and Public Safety alerts are notifications that the government deems important enough for its citizens to know about.

For example, if a child is abducted near you, you may receive an AMBER alert that gives you a description of the vehicle known to belong to the abductor so that if you see it, you can call and tip off police.

If you have a tornado warning in your area, and tornadoes are making touch-downs near you, you might receive an Emergency alert that tells you to take shelter in a safe location.

Overall, this is the gist of what these alerts are used for. They’re intended to help with public safety, but they’re also an unnecessary feature to have enabled on each and every one of your iPhones. Instead, you may want to limit the feature to only one of your iPhones, or none of them at all.

Note: your carrier may or may not support the feature, but these alerts are strictly for iPhone users, and they don’t appear on your iPad or iPod touch.

Disabling AMBER, Emergency or Public Safety alerts on your iPhone

If you’ve decided you would like to disable these alerts, and I could understand why, as the alert tone is quite annoying, the process is simple. Here are the steps:

1) Launch the Settings app from your Home screen and open the Notifications preferences pane.

Disable Government Alerts iPhone

2) Scroll all the way down to where you see the Government Alerts header and toggle the AMBER Alerts, Emergency Alerts, and/or Public Safety Alerts switches to the off position.

You’ve done it! Now you will no longer be alerted of government alerts when they come up. You can always reverse these settings if you change your mind about seeing them on your iPhone later on.

Wrapping up

Overall, these alerts can be useful, and have a good intent, but when you have more than one iPhone, or you just don’t think you’ll ever make use of the notifications, you can always disable them easily with just a couple of toggle switches in your Settings app.

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