How to lock down maximum headphone volume on iPhone and iPad

iphone stock in headphone volume mode

If you don’t want to blow out your eardrums by playing music at the full volume of your iPhone’s EarPods, wireless headset, in-ear buds or other accessory, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to limit the maximum headphone volume in Settings to safe levels that won’t damage your hearing.

That still won’t be enough to prevent your kids, oneself or anyone in possession of your device from using the same setting to crank the maximum volume back up to unsafe levels. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually lock down your maximum audio level?

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to leverage restricted volume control access in iOS to lock the current audio limit level in place using a password of your choosing.

Before we get to it, keep in mind that there is no single volume level that can be recommended for everyone. The actual sound pressure level that you experience depends upon a myriad of factors like the music you’re listening to, how it was recorded and encoded, the type of earbuds or headphones you use, their placement in your ears, their built-in volume and EQ controls and so much more.

Generally speaking, you should determine the maximum sound level you’re comfortable with by setting the volume limit in a quiet environment such that it doesn’t block out noisy surroundings or speech.

How to set maximum headphone volume limit on iPhone and iPad

1) Go to Settings → Music on your iOS device.

2) Tap Volume Limit underneath the Playback heading.

3) Drag the Max Volume slider to a maximum level you wish to allow on this device. This setting actually changes the maximum output of your device’s headphone jack so it directly affects earbuds, headphones and other audio accessories plugged into the headphone jack.

Music Volume Limit on iPhone

Tip: Turning on the EU Volume Limit option sets the maximum allowed volume level just below the recommended level for hearing safety in the European Union.

4) Now go to Settings → Screen Time → Content & Privacy Restrictions.

5) Scroll to and tap on the Volume Limit option underneath the Allow Changes heading.

6) On the next screen, tap on the Don’t Allow option.

Content Privacy Restrictions Volume Limit

7) Exit the Restrictions section and quit Settings for the changes to take effect.

That’s it!

From now on, pressing the physical volume buttons on your device or dragging iOS’s built-in volume slider will not increase headphone volume above the maximum level set under Settings → Music.

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Avoiding noise-induced hearing loss

One final word of advice: because your ear adapts to higher volume settings over time, you should always keep track of time and pay attention to how long you listen to music at high volume. Preventing repeated exposure to loud sound over time is the best way to preserve your hearing and prevent noise-induced hearing loss from occurring.

For more information about hearing loss, see

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